• Peppermint Powder Mentha piperita

    Peppermint was found in the pyramids and has been used throughout history as a digestive tonic. Applied to the skin peppermint leaves relieve pain and sensitivity. Diluted essential oil may be used as an inhalant and chest rub for respiratory conditions. The leaves are commonly used in herbal teas for colds & congestion.

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    4.00 out of 5

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    1. 4 out of 5


      I’m a big fan of mint, and I confess it’s in a lot of the eitxsing blends partly because of that, and partly because it can blend very well with other flavors. It’s very easy to get a strong mint flavor very quickly also. I still find I prefer peppermint over spearmint though.

    2. 4 out of 5


      Peppermint tea is one of my favorite hbaerl remedies! Forget Tums and Rolaid peppermint tea works every time! But it is an acquired taste it took me a few tries to get used to it.

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